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Corporate Rental Solutions Delivered
Coalition Space was built to provide flexibility and cultivate success for modern businesses across the US. With private offices and coworking communities in New York, and Jersey City, this provider of occupancy solutions to small and large businesses gives you the perfect environment to call headquarters. Your business is different than any other. Coalition Space strives to ensure a welcoming and inspiring environment for you and the other members. Customize your space not only to inspire but to suit your company's needs. The team is here to help you and your business to succeed.

Your New Workplace in NYC, Jersey City, and Chicago
Where do you want to work? Whether it's a full-time private workspace, a hot desk, a virtual office, or just a place to meet with the team we have something for you. Coalition Space provides the space and convenience that your team needs to strive. Explore these locations to determine the right fit for your business. Your new free tiktok views address comes with local amenities and urban vibrancy empowering your firm's productivity.

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